Florida ranks 10th in the world for rampant illegal water pollution incidents.

Make a Pledge to join us in our journey to Keep Florida Waters Clean. 

A Florida Non-Profit Organization

Save Our Waves is a non-profit organization that is stepping up to do our part in ocean conservations, we strive to Keep Florida Waters Clean.

Every year, over 8 million tons of plastics, fertilizer contaminants, wastewater and oil spills enter our oceans and bodies of water. Tons of trash travel to the large areas in the ocean getting caught in a vortex of circulating currents and causing increased damage to our ecosystems. Wastewater dumping and fertilizer run-offs kill 1000’s of marine life, birds and severely increase the bacteria to our Florida water that we swim in. 

We need to join together to make a pledge to keep Florida oceans, lakes and rivers clean. 

Join Our Mission

We are passionate about joining forces with our communities to educate you on how to become part of our mission. Our aim is to educate you on the effects that Pollution has on our oceans, rivers and lakes. With the help and support of our donors and pledges, we aim to work towards a future where we no longer have to worry about our Florida waters and polluted beaches. 

Join us today, Make a Donation and Make the Pledge joining us on our mission to help out Florida waters.

Support Our Work

Help us make a difference to protect our oceans by working hard but also enjoying the process. You can be part of the change too.

Join Our Team

Our staff members are people just like you, looking to make a change and passionate about conservation. Let's make an impact together this is our responsability.

Spread the Mission

There are may ways you can help, sign up for our daily newsletters and email alers, volunteer at our local beach cleanups, follow us on social and donate to keep the cause going. Every small action counts

Beach Clean Up Days

Beach Clean Up Day

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