After effects of Red Tide

Sea Turtle cadaver lays ashore with trash and other pollutants

Say you are drinking your Red Bull or sparkling water from a plastic bottle, disposing it on the sidewalk 2-3miles from the beach is harmless? Right? WRONG! Water pollution is created by neglecting the use of a trash can. It is not the primary source but it is one of many ways that this contributes to the waste that we find in our ocean. That same plastic bottle can end up on the bottom of any local bay, or canal. The Other effect of water pollution, like, tossing a plastic bag 3-5miles from the beach, will still end up in the water.

A plastic bag is much more detrimental. Being that Florida is a destination for sea turtles to make their rounds, that plastic bag looks like lunch meat for a sea turtle which loves to eat jellyfish, under water a bag looks like a live jellyfish! The end result is suffocation which is why our fellow sea turtle is here, but not really here.