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Dead Turtle washed up on shore as an effect to Red Ted Algae bloom in Florida…The easiest reason why Save Our Waves can ask you for donations is so that you can see your dollars working to keep your coasts, gulfs, rivers, canals, intercostals, and springs clean for a number of people. We the people are only a part of it. The other part is for the wildlife that serves as part of our community we know as an ecosystem. The unfortunate part about the process of keeping our bodies of water healthy for generations to come is politics. Creating

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Red Tide

Florida Clean Water Act

Red Tide Algae Bloom Caused Severe Issues Oil pollution in water as boat floats by…. As mentioned on the Environmental Protection Agency, Floida, along with

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Want to become part of something greater? We invite you to become part of our mission and stand for Florida Waters. Our waters face many threats like an over excess amount of plastics that harm our sea animals, fertilizer run-off from our retention ponds ruining the ocean ecosystem and coral reefs, waste retention dumping create an abundance of algae blooms that cause severe bacteria levels to our water quality and so much more. But, with help from donors and pledges like you, we can work together to improve all of this and Keep our Florida Waters Clean!